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When I was a little boy, my father would buy me toys for various occasions. I especially enjoyed things that were remote controlled, little helicopters and boats. Of all the toys that he got me, these were the most fun. You didn't have to pretend to drive them, you actually could

RC toys are a very pleasant memory of my childhood, and they always remind me of how great my dad is. He could choose those toys; he knew they would be fun. The freedom to fly, to control a machine, the challenge of learning how to use it. Kids learn that if the toy gets hit or smashes into something, it sometimes stops working, and learn to avoid that. Unlike inert toys, these can get 'hurt'. It's a great lesson to learn. 

I bought this site because I know how fun these toys are. They can be played with for hours and still be interesting. You can design games for them; races, obstacle courses, any number of them. You can play with them 'competitively'; against your friends, your family. It's a great bonding activity. 

A couple years ago, these were a lot more expensive, as well as less advanced. I didn't see any quadcopters when I was a kid, but now we have the technology. This only makes it more fun; there is more variation, more challenges, and more cool stuff you can do with them. 

This site is here to share that experience; the experience of having a great parent who buys you awesome toys. The experience of control over a flying machine. The challenge of learning. The joy of success. Here, you can give your kids the gift of flight. 


I'm Jakub, and I'm here to help you pick the best toys for your kids. 


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The best way to reach us is by email, at support@nanodrone.biz