How difficult is it to fly the Nanodrone?

While I certainly bumped it into my fair share of walls, ceilings and floors, after about half of a day, I got used to flying it. The key to flying it well is to make smooth, gentle adjustments to the two thumb sticks. If the Nanodrone ever gets out of control, dropping the throttle to 0 will drop it to the floor rather than continuing out of control.

How long does the Nanodrone take to charge?

The Nanodrone takes about 20 minutes for a full charge.

How long will the Nanodrone fly for?

The Nanodrone will fly for 5-8 minutes depending upon how hard you are flying it.

Where can I fly the Nanodrone?

The Nanodrone should only be flown above dry surfaces no harder than hardwood floors. Avoid flying above concrete and water- the Nanodrone is not waterproof and won't stand up well to the hardness of concrete if it drops out of the air. It's not recommended to fly it outside if it's windy; because of it's small size it can easily be pushed by the wind. 

What happens if the batteries die while I am flying the Nanodrone?

The Nanodrone's 4 LED lights will flash about 30 seconds before the battery is about to die, which will allow you to land it safely before the battery completely dies.

How do I get this thing to fly?

Switch on the drone and place it on a level surface for the gyros to calibrate. Switch on the controller - you should hear a couple of beeps. Push your throttle (left stick) upwards to max (the controller will beep), and then down to minimum (the controller will beep again). You're now ready to fly!

How do I do a 360 degree flip?

To do a 360 flip, press down on the right joystick(push the joystick further into the controller, not left/right/forward/backward), after a second or so it should beep, that means it's in 'flip mode'. When it does that, just push the joystick in any direction(left/right/forward/backward), and the drone will fly up a bit and do a flip. 


How much does shipping cost?

Normal shipping is free. Expedited shipping will vary depending upon your location. If your order is over $150, we will give you free expedited shipping.

How long does shipping take?

Free shipping takes 10-25 business days, whereas Expedited shipping takes 5-12 business days.

Do I get a tracking number?

A free tracking number is provided for orders that are $15 or more. Expedited shipping does not include a tracking number to some countries.

Where is the drone shipped from?

Drones are shipped from our europe,usa, and chinese warehouse depending on the order location.


What is your return policy?

We accept returns only on unused, improperly functioning products within 45 days of an order being placed. This allows plenty of time for shipping and a few days for you to pick up your package from the post office and inspect the item. To request return authorization and an address to ship your return to, please email support@nanodrone.biz.